Ablauf des Tages
(Agenda of the day)

1:00 p. m. Church Wedding (see K)
thereafter reception, coffee, tee, cake (see C)
5:00 p. m. optional cultural program (see M)
from 6:30 p. m. Celebration (see F)

(Kidnapping of the bride)

There are many very nice traditions around getting married. We are happy to experience some of them with you - but we already looked for and found each other! Therefore we kindly ask you to refrain from kidnapping the bride (typical German tradition).

Coffee & Cake

After the church wedding we heartily invite you to a reception and a piece of our wedding cake in the parish hall "Haus Fuhr". Haus Fuhr is situated close by:

Gemeindesaal im Haus Fuhr
Heckstraße 16
D - 45329 Essen (Werden)

Sparkling wine, tea, coffee, soft drinks and tasty cakes will be served there.

(Thank you)

in advance to you - especially to those who already helped and counselled us during the preparation of this event. Without you, this day would not be the same!

Eintrag ins Gästebuch
(Entry in visitors' book)

A visitors' book shall remind us of our "most beautiful day in our life". We ask you to select a nice poem, saying or cartoon in advance and bring it along with you. Since some of our guests only stay for the afternoon event, we suggest that you inscribe into the visitors' book in the evening.


The name of the restaurant perfectly expresses the way we want to deal with each other in marriage: "Liebevoll!" ("Loving!")
We meet at 6:30 p. m. in the
Liebevoll! in der Auermühle
Auermühle 1
D - 40882 Ratingen
T +49 2102 / 167 840


The greatest gift that you can give to us is your visit and good temper. If you like to make us an additional present, we very much appreciate a donation to our honeymoon expenses. In case of any questions,we advise you to contact Dagmar's mother, Mrs. Rotraut Niederhausen, T +49 2053 8818.


We will start our honeymoon on Monday, 7th June 2004, to Cuba. We ask you not to bring any costly bouquet of flowers for that reason. They would shrivel before our return - that would be a pity.


Is what you see! Come back here from time to time and see if there are any news.

Jungs und Mädels
(Boys and girls)

We also warmly welcome your kids. In the restaurant "Liebevoll!" we will have a special small area for children where they can play. Please take some toys with you - we are not so well equipped on that side so far :-)
Please tell us well beforehand if you need a baby's high chair. There is an opportunity for your kid/s to sleep in a quiet room nearby. The usage of a "babyphon" is recommended in that case.


The church wedding takes place on 5th June 2004 at 1:00 p. m. in the protestant church of Essen Werden:
Evangelische Kirche zu Essen-Werden
Heckstraße 54/56
D - 45329 Essen (Werden)

Please recognise that the parking situation is a little tricky, see location plan at W. Moreover, we were asked not to throw any rice in front of the church (wedding tradition).


No, we are not going to produce a passport of everyone! Nevertheless, we ask you to send us a recent picture, ideally a portrait, of you together with your confirmation. An electronical version is even better than a hardcopy. Thanks!


There are at least two options for spending the break between the cake and the celebration: You can use this time for your check-in and recreation in the hotel or participate in our cultural program:
At 5:00 p. m. we offer you an exclusive tour through the Rheinisches Industriemuseum "Textilfabrik Cromford" in Ratingen. It is the first factory on the European continent, showing an old cotton spinning mill and the way from raw cotton to finished yarn. Please tell us in your confirmation if you want to take part. You will receive a flyer with location plan during tea&coffee. Unfortunately we can only provide this tour in German language.

(Night's sleep)

only starts if you want to! We can celebrate in the Liebevoll! until 6 a. m. If you want to leave earlier than that, we will certainly take the time to say good-bye to you.


We appreciate if you decide to wear smart clothes at our celebration. A tuxedo for sure is not compulsory. It should be something in between a tuxedo and a blue jeans, though :-)

(Wedding-eve party)

It is a German tradition to have an evening party before the wedding at which the guests destroy their old porcelain and the wedding couple is obliged to clean it away. We decided not to have such kind of a party - so please leave your dishes in the cupboard.


We could not think of anything useful with Q in German. That's why we inserted some funny cartoon here:

(Speeches and games)

We very much look forward to your contributions to our celebration! Please contact our "masters of ceremonies" Anke Kokott und Kay Fautz, T +49 6172 / 898962, , in that matter. They will assure that no game will be prepared twice and also coordinate the timing.

(Civil marriage)

Our civil marriage takes place on Friday, 4th June 2004, at 11 a. m. in the Borbeck Castle in Essen. Only very close family and our witnesses to marriage will attend


If you decide to arrive by train or plane, please contact us early in advance so we can arrange transportation for you. If you stay at the hotel (see U), you can take the transfer in big cabs to the restaurant leaving in front of the hotel at 6:15 p. m.
The waiters of the Liebevoll! will call you a cab whenever you would like to go back to the hotel at night


For your (and our!) overnight stay, we negotiated an option for a number of rooms in the Relexa Hotel:
Relexa Hotel Ratingen City
Calor-Emag-Straße 7, 40787 Ratingen
T +49 2102 1675-0, F +49 2102 458-599
Website of Relexa Hotels
Single rooms cost 62 €, double rooms 72 € incl. breakfast. If we book more than 15 rooms, we get a discount of 10 € per room. A car place in the basement garage can be rented additionally. Please book your room well in advance directly at the hotel and refer to "Wedding Karp", the latest until 10 May 2004. We will also stay in the Relexa and are happy to enjoy a breakfast with you on Sunday morning before your departure.

Videos und Fotos
(videos and pictures)

We very much appreciate if you bring your camera (video, digital or "normal") with you and shoot some nice pictures as a memory.
Nevertheless, please do not take any pictures during the wedding ceremony in church. We engage a professional photographer who will make sure that there will be also pictures of those very special moments

(Location plans)

To church and parish hall in Essen-Werden
(from motorway A52):

- Leave A52 at exit "Rüttenscheid"
- Follow the B224 in direction Solingen, Bredeney and Werden (ca. 4,8 km)
- When the B224 turns left over a bridge, direction Solingen, Wuppertal, Velbert, Heidhausen and Werden, the map will help.

Please notice:
- It will be difficult to find a parking lot close by the church
- If you find one nearby, though, please do not forget to pay (many controls in Essen-Werden)
- We recommend to park your car at the "big car park"directly at the B224 next to the big Catholic church (free parking).
We will hold a bigger location plan (from Essen to Ratingen) than the one on the next page ready for you at the reception.

To the Relexa Hotel, museum Cromford and Liebevoll! in der Auermühle
(from Werden to Ratingen without using the motorway)

- Drive from Werden back over the bridge
- After the bridge, turn left at the train station onto the Ruhrtalstraße/L442, direction motorway to Düsseldorf, Mülheim/Ruhr and Kettwig
- After about 5 km you turn left onto the Ringstraße, direction Düsseldorf, Mülheim-Saarn and Heiligenhaus
- You drive over the river Ruhr, at the end of the Ringstraße you turn right onto the August Thyssen Straße, direction motorway to Düsseldorf, Mülheim-Saarn
- You follow the right of way, turning left onto the Essener Straße (on the right hand side, you see the castle Hugenpoet)
- At the end of the Essener Straße you turn right onto the B227, direction Ratingen-Breitscheid, A3, A52, A524, Mülheim/Ruhr
- You leave the roundabout at the third exit, direction Ratingen (Am Krummenweg, then Mülheimer Straße)
- The Mühlheimer Straße directly leads to Ratingen
- Now the map will help (see street "To Kettwig/Breitscheid").

Alternatively: To the Relexa Hotel, museum Cromford and Liebevoll!
(from Werden to Ratingen using the motorway)

- Drive from Werden back over the bridge
- After the bridge, turn left at the train station onto the Ruhrtalstraße/L442, direction motorway to Düsseldorf, Mülheim/Ruhr and Kettwig
- After ca. 1,5 km turn right, direction A52 Düsseldorf (Schuirweg)
- Enter the A52, direction Düsseldorf
- Leave the A52 at exit Breitscheid / B227
- At the end of the exit, turn left, direction Ratingen (Kölner Straße)
- You cross the roundabout going straight to Ratingen
- Now the map will help (see street "To Kettwig/Breitscheid").

(Xtra wishes)

This Wedding ABC should serve as a guideline for everyone. If you have further questions or xtra wishes, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yes! Si! Ja!

We are happy to welcome guests from different countries to our wedding. Even if not everybody speaks everybody else's language, we are sure that you will understand each other. The "Yes" in church and most other things will happen in German, though.

(Your answer)

Please tell us until 1 May 2004 if you are able to participate. If you will join, please remember to send us a picture (see L) and a notice if you want to come along to our museum tour (see M).

Dagmar Niederhausen & Peter Karp
Klapperstr. 36a
D - 45277 Essen
T +49 201 871 77 11
Dagmar mobil: +49 163 371 77 11
Peter mobil: +49 170 232 55 48